New Textile and Garment Policy 2019-2024

Common Application Form – A

1 Registration Number:
(As provided by DH&T & GOK)
2 Name of Unit:
3 Registered Address of Company:
4 Address of the Unit
District: Taluk:
City/Town : Postal Pin Code:
5 Size of the Unit
6 Zone (Annexure 10)
7 Registration(As mentioned in
Entrepreneur Memorandum EM)
Number Registration Date
8 GST Registration
Number Registration Date
9 Nature of industry:
Please specify:
10 Products Manufactured:
11 Constitution of Industry:
Please specify:
12 Category of the Entrepreneur:
13 Is it New Industry or Existing:
14 Project Cost (INR in Number)
Land: Building:
Plant & Machinery : Others:
15 Date of Commercial Production :
16 Name of the Term loan lending Institution / Bank / FI:
Date of Loan Sanction: Amount of Loan Sanctioned: (INR in lakhs)
17 Employment Provided in the New Unit:
18 Contact Details:
Name : Phone :
Email Address :
19 Bank Account Details:
Name of the Holder Name of Bank:
Branch Name Account Number
Please Tick the Incentive You would like to Claim
20 Attachments
Note 1: Furnish the following documents (as applicable)
(a) Copy of SLPIC / HLEC Approval if any
(b) Copy of the Application submitted to KUM / KIADB, if any
(c) Copy of Detailed Project Report submitted
in the prescribed format
(d) Copy of Statutory Approval received, if any
(e) Copy of Entrepreneur Memorandum
Note 2: Furnish the following documents for existing units undertaking Expansion / Diversification / Modernization / Technology Up-Gradation
(a) Copy of additional power sanctions letter / change in
consolidated power sanction and new meter installation report, if any.
(b) Proof of power consumption in the preceding 6 months
prior to expansion / diversification / modernization.
(c) Average 6 months cost of power consumption during
the immediate 6 months after expansion / diversification / modernization
supported by bills, receipts, vouchers etc.,
(d) Copy of rent / lease deed as the case may be
in case of rental / leased buildings.

Form 1: Credit Linked Capital Subsidy

1 Name of Unit:
2 Address of the Unit :
3 Zone (Annexure 10)
4 Investment on Proposed Component (in INR) :
5 Investment Bracket
Micro INR 25 lakhs INR 25 lakhs
Small INR 25 lakhs up to INR 5 crores INR 25 lakhs up to INR 5 crores
Medium INR 5 crores up to INR 10 crores INR 5 crores up to INR 10 crores
Large Up to INR 300 Crores Up to INR 200 Crores
6 Additional Subsidy:
7 Special Credit Linked Subsidy:
Please specify:
8 Attachments
Note: Furnish the following documents:
1. Common Application Form-A
2. Statements of the Fixed Assets in the prescribed format
certified by the Unit (Annexure 2)
Download the Annexure 2
3. Investment Certificate in the prescribed form issued by the FI / Bank (Annexure 3) Download the Annexure 3
4. Government approved/ registered Engineers / Architect’s Certificate in the prescribed format regarding investment made on Construction of Building (as per current year PWD S.R. rates)(Annexure 5) Download the Annexure 5
5. Investment Certificate in the prescribed format issued by the Chartered Accountant (Annexure 6) Download the Annexure 6
6. Certificate from Bank / FI stating Loan Details in the prescribed format (Annexure 7) Download the Annexure 7
7. Form of Declaration regarding employment of Local Persons (Annexure 9) Download the Annexure 9
8. Investigation Report in the prescribed format (Annexure A)
9. Copy of Caste certificates in respect of SC/ST and
appropriate certificate/ documents in respect ofphysically challenged/ Ex-servicemen entrepreneurs
from the Competent Authority of Government of Karnataka
10. Detailed Project Report
11. First Sale Invoice
12. NOC from Pollution Control Board
13. Land Purchase Documents
Registration Copy
Katha Extract
Encumbrance Certificate
14. Land Conversion Copy
15. Copy of Rent & Lease Agreement for the period of 10 years
16. Power Sanction Letter
17. General License from Competent Authority
18. MSME Certificate (Unit registered under Textile Activity)
19. Copies of Receipts / Bills / Vouchers etc. in respect of Payments made towards Investment
20. GST Registration Certificate
21. NOC from District Industry Centre (DIC) for not claiming
subsidy under Industrial Policy
22. NOC from Factories and Boilers (if applicable)